Choose Carrier Services

We have a team of vetted, experience carriers to transport your freight in a professional, safe and timely manner.  We specialize in moving LTL (Partial Loads) via Hotshot Carriers and offer expedited services.  We also partner with Big Rigs for bigger freight transportation.  Let us get you moving swiftly, safely and securely to your destination of choice.


We have a team of Hotshot carriers that can deliver freight to almost any residential or business location. Whether you are business or individual, we get your freight transported quickly and professionally to your desired destination.


We team with Hotshot carriers that can transport 10K to 20K pounds of freight.  Our A-Team can expedite your delivery with expertise. They have transported to construction sites, school sites, residential areas, military bases, ports...where every there is a need, we get the job done.


Do you have a dedicate route for delivery?  Let our team partner with you for a consistent mode of transporting our freight. We want you to know us by name.


Caneymon is currently adding vetted, professional Big Rig Drivers to our team of carriers for those Full Truck loads.


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